Method and Mood
My method of drawing maps is the old-fashioned way, the “feet and hands” way. First I walk around the city or garden, making notes and sketches. Then I draw in pen and ink on vellum. I may use a camera to record details and I might refer to aerial photos; but to get a feel for a place there is no other way than to get out there on foot. The drawing has to communicate the information about a site as well as present a graphic

image, an icon.

Current Work
There are currently nine maps available in various formats. My latest venture is a map of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, currently available as a folding map.

​​About the Artist

Though trained as an architect, I have always been intrigued by maps, particularly the old pictorial maps also know as illustrative, panoramic, bird’s eye, or vue cavaliere. It is not just the information they convey that I find magical but also the way a pictorial map can “draw you in” and create a separate world. I like the way that the science of geography and history are brought together with the art of printing and calligraphy. In 1984, without any previous experience, I decided to try my hand at drawing a pictorial map in my own style.